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Traditional producer of roller dies, rollers for thread rolling heads, flat, segment, 
tangencial and radial dies, adjustable hand reamers, fasteners material.


Rollers for thread rolling heads are used for the production of threads or modules by cold forming.

The design of thread rollers corresponds to the rolling process. For infeed rolling, a pair of rollers is usually used. In throughfeed (axial) thread rolling, three rollers are usually in the set and each set is supplied as a whole.

The rollers enable the manufacture of all types of profiles, i.e., not only metric or UN threads but also pipe threads (G), trapezoidal (Tr), Whitworth (BSW), round (Rd), pipe armoured conduit (Pz) threads, as well as threads according to the ACME and API standards or rollers for rolling of modules.

Commonly produce threads:

  • Metric (M)
  • Pipe (G)
  • Witworth (BSW)
  • Trapezoidal (Tr)
  • Round (Rd)
  • Panzergrwinde (Pz)
  • Modul (ACME, API)


We produce rollers for all types of thread rolling heads and tangential holders of domestic provenance (ZPS, Zhv, Zvhu, Zvh) as well as for thread rolling heads and holders of foreign manufacturers.

If you are interested in cooperation in rollers for thread rolling heads, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..