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Set of 6 adjustable hand reamers T7-T12

Set of 6 adjustable hand reamers 13,75-24,00mm
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Set of 6 adjustable hand reamers T7-T12 is delivered in pretty wooden cassette with specific place for each hand reamer. 

Typy:         T7 - T12
Rozměr:     13,75 - 24,00mm
Hmotnost:  2,3kg


Adjustable hand reamers are used for finishing machine cutting aperation of cylindrical holes. The holes have precise diametric form and smooth surface. Diameter of the hand reamer is variable. Adjusted diameter is meassured on pair of opposite knives. The knives of reamers are usually supplied with geometry suitable for machining of grey cast iron and bronze.

Our products are extremely durable thanks for many years experience and high quality design.


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